Empowerment Workshops

A dream doesn’t become reality through magic: it takes sweat, determination, and hard work.” – Colin Powell

Obtaining a college degree requires more than academic intelligence. Managing our daily affairs outside of college, while also cultivating a life where we LIVE not simply exist is an important aspect of degree completion. These EMPOWERMENT workshops are designed to help students improve the overall quality of life (more to come).

Setting Meaningful and Tangible Goals
This student engagement workshop provides participants with opportunities to identify their values and HOW to set goals that are both meaningful and tangible. Specific activities designed to help participants co-create the lives they envision for themselves, along with strategies for making better decisions in life are addressed.

Women’s Empowerment
There is an old adage that states “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” During this workshop women are engaged in conversation and activities based on statistical and observational data regarding emotional and psychological issues among women. Proactive solutions such as meditating, journaling, healthy food choices, exercising, to increase our mental dexterity, time management and other stress reduction methods are also addressed in this workshop as well.

Enlarge Your Territory: Empowering Black Men through Higher Education
Although there are currently more Black men enrolled in colleges and universities, there is still a disproportionate amount of them who complete degrees of higher education compared to their White counterparts (NCES, 2015). This student engagement workshop explores the role that higher education plays in the lives of Black men, challenges, and opportunities for economic as well as cultural expansion. Strategies for degree completion, including planning, effectively dealing with difficult situations on a college campus, and the importance in Black men completing college degrees are also addressed.

Women’s Empowerment: Balancing School, Family, and Work
This student engagement workshop focuses on disseminating statistical and observational data regarding woman’s issues such as increasing our mental dexterity, time management, journaling, and other stress reduction methods.

“The Hand That Rocks the Cradle Rules The World”
According to the Bureau of Justice Statistics, women are currently the fastest growing prison population. Why is this? Generational disconnects, trauma, and mental health are some of the cited reasons for this growing crisis. This workshop explores the growing issues concerning fights, other violent acts among young and adult women, while also offering strategies to help strengthen what William Ross Wallace refers to as “the hands that rock the cradle.”

“The Journey to a Thousand Miles Begins with YOU”
For every action there is a reaction. For every cause there is an effect. Our thoughts, words, and actions are powerful beyond measure. According to Jeff Davis, author of The First Generation Student Experience: Implications for Campus Practice, many first generation and low income students may not fully understand HOW obtaining a college degree builds cultural capital, while also providing them with the academic and social “graces” available to about 36% of the U.S. population (NCES, 2015). During this workshop students will take a journey through the lives of many first generation college students and explore how obtaining degrees of higher education may impact not only their lives, but generations to come.


Your Women’s Empowerment workshop was absolutely awesome and you’re such an awesome lady. Thank you for the great time! 🙂
Krystie Morrison
Student at Lewis & Clark Community College

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Dr. Kizart is an awesome woman who is inspiring to other women. We appreciate the time she takes to remind us of how important our mental and emotional health is as we complete our degrees.
Desiray Taylor
Student Participant